What is Marxist Queen?

Marxist Queen is my personal blog. I am a revolutionary socialist and a white queer disabled person. I have put this blog together to share my experiences and ideas, and to bolster links between LGBTQ people and our allies – so we can build a revolutionary movement against the capitalist system that disempowers and oppresses us.

We must remember the radicalism of the Stonewall era to provide a political defense of our community, whilst pushing forward radical demands to overthrow capitalism and the divisions it creates – sexism, racism, disablism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, Islamophobia and anti-trades unionism.

Through solidarity, sharing our experiences and organising together, we can take radical steps toward sexual and gender liberation, and envision a new democratic society where working class people are no longer exploited and divided.

You can contact me at marxistqueen@gmail.com

Maxi B


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